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Welcome to the English web presence of the Department for Technology Studies. Any information concerning Technology Studies should be available here.

DiscGo project partners meet in Dortmund

DiscGo-Projekttreffen-Dortmund-640-008 - Kopie

12.02.2014 – The DiscGo project meeting took place from 5th to 6th February 2014 in Dortmund. The project partners from France, the Netherlands and the UK met for the third time. Former meetings took place in Twente and Brighton.


„Governance of complex systems“ published in “Ergonomics”


29.01.2014 – The paper "Governance of complex systems: results of a sociogical simulation experiment" authored by Fabian Adelt, Johannes Weyer and Robin D. Fink is published in "Ergonomics". The paper presents results of a sociological founded computer simulation experiment and compares different modes of governance and compositions of actors with regard to the performance of the macro- as well as the micro-level.


Project start-up: FonCSI


07.08.2012 – At the end of July the research project "Mixed modes of governance as a means of risk management in complex systems" has started, which is funded by the French foundation "Fondation pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle". Fabian Lücke will investigate the characteristics of mixed modes of governance by using a computer simulation model of complex systems. The project will focus on the different risks of stakeholders, for example those related to a road traffic system. The project takes part in the research programme "Technological risk and societal concerns. Dynamics of negotiation, arbitration and comprise processes" and will run for the next three years. Further Information will be published soon.


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